Remove Stock On Hand import from Inventory > All Products > Import

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I recently had a business user make a usability mistake with DEAR. This user thought that using the Stock On Hand import would update the stock numbers. Of course, most DEAR users learn that it is the Stock Adjustment, Stocktake, and Inventory Write-off that are to be used to update stock counts, however, I do understand how this user made the mistake.

Since the Stock On Hand can be loaded from the Opening Balances section, it would seem that the import of the Stock On Hand CSV file is not needed in the Inventory > All Products > Import section and removing it would avoid this mistake from happening to other users.

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  • better approach (and more easily implemented, without removing the occasionally useful Import action, would be to add a condition check to the click event for the Import action to know that product records exist and when they do then notify user with message such as "To adjust inventory use Stock Adjustment, Stocktake or Inventory Write-Off", and require user to acknowledge message to Proceed or Cancel their Import request.

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