Automatically add ShipStation shipping cost to Invoice for DEAR Sale Order

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Add an option to have the actual shipping fee in Shipstation automatically added to the Invoice for the DEAR Sale Order as long as the invoice tab is unauthorized.

Per my discussion with DEAR Support, it is my understanding that this is technically possible. I know several of my clients and I am sure many other businesses would love to see this feature implemented as they are currently needing to do manual workarounds to record the shipping costs in the sale order invoice.

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  • agree

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  • Yes!  Having ShipStation push the actual shipping cost back to Dear for invoicing (without having to manually adjust the invoice to match the cost from ShipStation) would be a HUGE help.  Let's make this happen and eliminate manual effort.

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  • matt upvote the original so this gets paid attention!

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  • This would be a huge help, there is entirely too much manual invoice updating required to account for this!  

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  • I have completed research into adding ShipStation Shipping Cost to a DEAR Sale Invoice using Zapier.  Unfortunately, it is not possible.  What I have been able to do is have the cost of the shipping written to the Notes field for the Sale so it is easier to have someone to use this note as a reference to create the shipping cost line item in the DEAR Sale Invoice.  The shipping cost note is appended to the existing note.  Another alternative would be to write the information to a Google Sheet which could then be used as a reference to enter the shipping cost line item in DEAR.  Neither of these is optimal, but maybe they could provide enough increased efficiency to make them worth it for your business.  I would much prefer to see this native DEAR feature request implemented.

    I have posted how I did the ShipStation - DEAR integration using Zapier in the following Tips and Tricks topic: Adding ShipStation Cost to DEAR Sale Order Notes

  • There is a service to manage this that can be found here.  

  • Yes we need this. However Will look into Ricky option, but $50 a month is pretty steep. Ricky, can you consider lowering the costs?

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8 people like this idea
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