Add Completion Date for disassemblies. Add Finished Goods Account and Work in Progress Date for disassemblies.

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First priority: Add Completion Date for disassemblies.   

Second priority (while doing the above), to bring disassemblies in parity with assemblies: Add Finished Goods Account and Work in Progress Date for disassemblies.  

Many businesses enter assemblies and disassemblies as a record keeping exercise, not doing it in real time.  By not having an effective dates (completion date and work in progress dates), it messes up the record keeping to show the disassembly happening later than it actually did.

One of my clients has been wondering how it was that they had negative counts for their starting stock for some SKUs and we believe it is because they did disassemblies after going live which were then used for assemblies which were entered with dates in the past, but it was not possible to enter dates in the past for the disassemblies of components used.

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  • While we are on Disassemblies, I think there should also be an option to allow auto-calculation of disassembly cost for components to be based on the component's average cost/last cost, rather than an equal distribution across each item.

  • Totally agree with Nick on making adding the completion date for disassemblies a priority. Our business also does not record assemblies and disassemblies on the day itself. Not being able to specify a completion date of a disassembly make this function makes this function completely ineffective.

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2 people like this idea
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