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Hi Guys. Can you please amend product status list to just have an inactive product. You assume an item is deprecated  - but it could simply just be not available for  2-5 months. We therefore want to pull it off the lists - but it's not necessarily deprecated.

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  • It would greatly assist if we could have more product statuses. Inactive is one but also Run out items. I don't want them deleted but there will be no more stock ordered so once the available stock is gone it will be moved to deprecated. Or if possible have it that your customers can modify this in the reference books area of the system. 

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  • We also need the Setup Required status to be able to include on Quotes, or create an additional status such as "product Under Development" 

    More details:

  • Posting on behalf of a client.

    Currently, it is prepopulated with three options: "Active", "Deprecated" and "Setup required".  The client would like the ability to add more custom items, more specifically "In Development" and "To be deprecated". 

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20 people like this idea
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