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Feature Request: 

Add a check that the entered Serial Number is unique to the Assembly module and the Stock Adjustment module (and anywhere else the below problem could be created).  

Here's why:

One of my clients has discovered a situation where it is possible to enter a serial number for a SKU which has been previously used.  This introduces a situation where it is possible to have more than one serial number for the same SKU, which is arguably, by definition, not possible/correct.

There is no mention in the documentation of FIFO - Serial or Special - Serial Number products having the ability to have duplicate serial numbers.  In fact, the DEAR documentation states for Special - Serial Number products in DEAR will "Each product will have its own unique identifier".  See the documentation here and below. 

To further demonstrate the kind of problem this flaw creates are the following examples.  Using the "FIFO - Serial Number" costing method, I was able to create both two assemblies with the same serial (batch) number (see Assembly #FG-00110 and #FG-00111) as well as a stock adjustment using duplicate serial numbers (see Stock Adjustment #ST-00034).  This is bad and a flaw in its own right.  Worse, when I did a sale (see Sale #SO-04012 for Acme Sports) of this product SKU with a quantity of two, it gave me quantity two (2) of the SKU with the same serial number in the Pick stage, which in the real world, should be impossible, at least from a business rules standpoint that there is one and only one serial number for a stock item for a given SKU.  See here:  See screenshots below.


It is my opinion that being able to add duplicate serial numbers is an issue in DEAR that should be improved.  Serial numbers for a given SKU are by definition unique.  Being able to get duplicate serial numbers into DEAR via Assemblies, Stock Adjustments, or any other means creates problems in the system.


Special Methods

Special - Batch

Special - Serial Number

Special methods require a batch or serial number to identify products and are not affected by when the items were added to your inventory.. If a batch or serial number is not specified, DEAR will automatically generate batch numbers for the product. The serial/batch number must be specified in the Pick stage of the sales process as well as the Stock Received of the purchase process. 

Special - Batch 

Use the Special-Batch Inventory Costing Method to determine the cost of goods using their assigned Batch numbers.

The DEAR Inventory system is capable of tracking goods sold, using an assigned Batch number, once the sold items are invoiced. This will allow user to trace goods in case a recall occurs or customer requires any information about the product/batch sold to them.

Special - Serial Number

Use the Special-Serial Number Inventory Costing Method to determine the cost of goods using their assigned Serial Numbers. Adding Serial Numbers to your product is extremely helpful to your business because:

Each product will have its own unique identifier and can be easily verified whenever there is a product return. You can also make sure that the product returned is from your store.

It makes handling of warranty and claims simple.

Your business’ product reporting will be accurate up to Serial number level.

Search within your Inventory or past Sale and Purchase Orders will be easier and save you time looking for a specific product.







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  • Team at dear, this should be a simple solution that is implemented by cheaper ERP's.

    We moved from unleashed who had this to your system, why cant we get an answer?

  • Is there any movement on this planned feature? Ideally this would be an additional tick box on the main Settings page to "Do not allow duplicate batch or serial numbers"?

  • Just experienced the same issue. This also does not seem to follow FIFO as I was unable to remove the duplicated production order once stock had been consumed. Any advice on how I can revert or resolve?

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