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Feature Request: 

Add a check that the entered Serial Number is unique to the Assembly module and the Stock Adjustment module (and anywhere else the below problem could be created).  

Here's why:

One of my clients has discovered a situation where it is possible to enter a serial number for a SKU which has been previously used.  This introduces a situation where it is possible to have more than one serial number for the same SKU, which is arguably, by definition, not possible/correct.

There is no mention in the documentation of FIFO - Serial or Special - Serial Number products having the ability to have duplicate serial numbers.  In fact, the DEAR documentation states for Special - Serial Number products in DEAR will "Each product will have its own unique identifier".  See the documentation here and below. 

To further demonstrate the kind of problem this flaw creates are the following examples.  Using the "FIFO - Serial Number" costing method, I was able to create both two assemblies with the same serial (batch) number (see Assembly #FG-00110 and #FG-00111) as well as a stock adjustment using duplicate serial numbers (see Stock Adjustment #ST-00034).  This is bad and a flaw in its own right.  Worse, when I did a sale (see Sale #SO-04012 for Acme Sports) of this product SKU with a quantity of two, it gave me quantity two (2) of the SKU with the same serial number in the Pick stage, which in the real world, should be impossible, at least from a business rules standpoint that there is one and only one serial number for a stock item for a given SKU.  See here:  See screenshots below.


It is my opinion that being able to add duplicate serial numbers is an issue in DEAR that should be improved.  Serial numbers for a given SKU are by definition unique.  Being able to get duplicate serial numbers into DEAR via Assemblies, Stock Adjustments, or any other means creates problems in the system.


Special Methods

Special - Batch

Special - Serial Number

Special methods require a batch or serial number to identify products and are not affected by when the items were added to your inventory.. If a batch or serial number is not specified, DEAR will automatically generate batch numbers for the product. The serial/batch number must be specified in the Pick stage of the sales process as well as the Stock Received of the purchase process. 

Special - Batch 

Use the Special-Batch Inventory Costing Method to determine the cost of goods using their assigned Batch numbers.

The DEAR Inventory system is capable of tracking goods sold, using an assigned Batch number, once the sold items are invoiced. This will allow user to trace goods in case a recall occurs or customer requires any information about the product/batch sold to them.

Special - Serial Number

Use the Special-Serial Number Inventory Costing Method to determine the cost of goods using their assigned Serial Numbers. Adding Serial Numbers to your product is extremely helpful to your business because:

Each product will have its own unique identifier and can be easily verified whenever there is a product return. You can also make sure that the product returned is from your store.

It makes handling of warranty and claims simple.

Your business’ product reporting will be accurate up to Serial number level.

Search within your Inventory or past Sale and Purchase Orders will be easier and save you time looking for a specific product.







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  • Yes, yes, yes!! We just spotted this with a client who has a completely bespoke production per product, i.e. each product is engineered for a specific sale. Duplicate serial numbers will destroy this logic, especially because you can have the same serial, on the same SKU in the same warehouse more than once.

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  • Please can you give an update on this request. Special Serial Numbers feature is used by us in order to handle support and returns and tracking. By allowing duplicate serial numbers to be created on our Dear account, this makes the recall feature unuseable and defeats the purpose of serial numbers - i.e. to have a unique identifier. It is very easy for a staff member to try to enter a serial number twice by mistake.

    Could you add a tick box under General Settings > Inventory that says "Don't allow duplicate serial numbers"?

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  • We really require a simple tick box in settings to allow or disallow duplicate serial numbers

    Currently Dear allows duplicate serial numbers, and does not warn you if you use a duplicate serial number.

    This has allowed my users to mistakenly enter in duplicate serial numbers for different products

    Which has resulted in my Costing getting messed up, as we are using Costing method Special - Serial No

    We are now having to each month manually check if any users have mistakenly captured a duplicate serial number

    and then try and correct it

    Please can you activate this small feature request , which would simply eliminate such errors from occuring 

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  • In support of Jonathan above, a setting to either allow or disallow duplicate serial numbers on products will give Dear subscribers the choice as to whether to use this feature or not.

    Always allowing duplicate serial numbers (in the way that Dear currently does) makes warranties, Lot Recall and other great Dear features unworkable.

    This will add a huge amount of credibility to the tracking ability of Dear as a full inventory solution.

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  • In Support of Jonathan above , we require a setting that will enable us to see if serial numbers or products are duplicated or not .

    This will add a huge difference in DEAR to eliminate mistakes .

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  • Serial number implies unique number.   For all reasons stated above and in DEAR documentation urgent fix required please.  This was first posted nearly a year ago.  

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  • We will really appreciate it if the functionality to eliminate the  duplication of serial numbers could be activated as soon as possible.

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  • Urgently needed please!

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  • YES! This essential issue hasn't even make it onto the Roadmap yet

    Arguments for urgent fix:

    1. was originally posted a year ago
    2. Serial Number system is about tracking UNIQUE id.
    3. Not being unique creates room for easy errors, causing significant troubles and costs
    4. MANY areas impacted include: Costing, Warehousing, Warranty, Recalls, Ordering, Dispatch, Service, Repairs, Returns, etc.
    5. Issue is strongly supported by multiple ppl in this forum
    6. One of the key reasons DEAR was chosen by us, was because of it having SN tracking, which in practice has turned out to only be half-true...
    Something like this lets down what is otherwise a pretty good system...and would not seam to be overly complicated to fix, would it?

  •  Ping - any update on this Dear? 

  • This has pretty serious implications for legal compliance for all food manufacturers using Dear as well as everyone offering warranties on their products.

    There can be no audit verification of any recall products from an accounting or legal position when a serial number or batch number can be duplicated on the system. How can Dear confirm when a product was sold and shipped to customer A when that customer shares the product's serial number with other customers? How is a lot recall done on a batch of food product that is faulty when the identified batch number could relate to any of a number of sales and shipments to a number of different clients in different years?

    Can we not add a simple tick box in the settings to allow duplicate serial & batch numbers or not, as preferred by each Dear account holder?

  • ^exactly

  • We joined this system to go towards becoming ISO 9001, this fix needs to be implemented.

  • We're encountering the same issue with unique SKU's not being unique to a SKU.  I'm really surprised to see no response or acknowledgment from Dear support staff regarding this issue.

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