Shippit Integration - Tracking details

started a topic over 2 years ago

We are currently using Shippit to consign our orders. Once completed in Shippit, the tracking details are then pushed back into DEAR and recorded.

It would be ideal if the tracking field in DEAR would allow for hyperlinks to allow users to click on the link to find out the status of a delivery instead of manually copying the tracking number and then opening Shippit to paste the details to search.

A number of other solutions allow this to happen - why cant DEAR allow this?

  • Is anyone else having the same issue with Shippit or a different freight system and has found a work around in the meantime as working with 2 or even 3 programs makes it a long process to track the progress of a delivery.

    With a simple click on the hyperlink in the tracking number field will take the user to the appropriate page to advise the customer immediately on the progress

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