Enhance transfer module + report to show items on order

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It would be great if we could further enhance the Transfer module, so that items that are in stock can be transferred immediately, whereas items that are not in stock but must be manufactured can be transferred at a later date while it forms part of the same transfer order.

Similar to the Advanced Sale module, where multiple fulfilments can be done.

That way, we can see what items are still on order as part of this transfer.

Also, it would be great to have a report or section to show every item that is on order and for which job/customer/sale/etc.

Thank you.


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  • There's room for improvement for transfers, certainly around reporting, but would like to understand the issues you are facing. What is the use case for you?

    Why not simply create 2 separate transfers, which accomplishes the same goal ?  Or better yet - why not transfer what is transferable, and land at the correct destination what is being produced ? 

  • To better understand, we have a shop at one location and a factory at another location.

    My logic is the person requesting the stock is not supposed to know how much is in stock at the factory. They are simply requesting the stock that they need, for example, for a sale that was made on layby in the shop due to zero stock.

    The inventory department should then check what is in stock at the factory and transfer what is available. The rest that must be produced is sent afterwards.

    We can certainly do 2 separate transfers, I'll give you that but again it seems the sales team is doing the inventory team's job of checking how much there is in stock at another location.

    'land at the correct destination what is being produced ? '

    Not sure what this means, but I assume you mean creating Assemblies with the location set to be the requester's location?

    Again, if that is what you mean, creation of an Assembly is the Manufacturing Team's job, right? The Sales team should not be entering assemblies.

    Do let me know if any of the above does not make sense. I might also be mistaken. Your feedback is appreciated.

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  • Agree that the 'Advanced' functionality could be useful in Transfers... Good point about the front end Sales team not having to have knowledge or responsibility for inventory
  • I believe DEAR does this already : If you try to move more stock than what is at location X, it gives an error. So anyone will already know you are short. The simple fix then (if not already doing it) is to give the user an error stating how many units are left.

    Problem solved without changing anything with TRs or complicated commands. 

  • also it begs the question - if the sales team does "not have knowledge or responsibility for inventory" then it does not seem right to give access to move inventory via TRs....

    From experience I can tell you, the only people you want entering TRs in DEAR, are accountants. Every other department save maybe for OPS should stay off DEAR - (and any OPS team should have no ability to authorize anything, just simply to input information so someone else can finalize)

  • @Kurt I guess the internal systems & processes will vary from business to business.. e.g for our business the Stock Transfer function is largely operational, Finance team has little to do with it.

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2 people like this idea
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