Processing POS sales where theory SOH is not greater than zero

started a topic over 2 years ago

The reality is that retail physical SOH rarely matches any theory SOH (dear or other systems). However current dear logic restricts the processing of legitimate POS transactions of skus that do not have a theory (system) positive SOH. 

This non processing of such sales creates financial errors until SOH is manually corrected via a stock adjustment or some other means.

I suggest that all transactions conducted at POS should be processed through dear as received - if this means a negative SOH is generated, so be it and that negative SOH can be investigated when time permits or corrected at future stock-takes. This approach will ensure financial sales transactions are aligned quickly to POS receipts - which I suspect is more critical to a retail business than ensuring SOH theoretical files are zero or positive. 

Please LIKE if you think this adjustment would have value.

** As a side note related:

 - a POS return processed against a POS sale that had no SOH is not seen at all on dear backend- this creates a more material integrity issue.

- when using Vend POS and a sale is conducted on a sku without soh in dear at that retail location, the transaction is skipped completely in the integration process. There is no record in dear of the transaction which would create significant integrity problems in accounting and business performance evaluation. Dear's inability to identify such transactions and issues for skipping at integration make the resolution task highly problematic. 

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