Add Batch # to Inventory Summary Report and Quantity on Hand to Inventory Movement Details Report

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We need a way to report the stock count (quantity on hand) for a given batch number of a SKU on a given day. This is used to reconcile our stock counts against what our various locations (warehouses, 3PLs, co-processors, etc.) are reporting for the month-end stock counts.  

It is not enough to have a process of exporting the stock on hand on the actual last day of the month, because sometimes record keeping is lagging from the actual day.  We need to have report that uses a data range for report the quantity for that date range.

It seems that all of the data is there, it is just a matter of making it available to the reports. As I see it, this could be accomplished by either:

A) Add Batch # to the Inventory Movement Summary Report, or

B) Add Quantity On Hand to the Inventory Movement Details Report

It would be great if you could do both.

I believe all the data is already being tracked in DEAR.  Luckily, hopefully, it is just a matter of adding these two columns to these two reports.

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