Expiry Dates for Finished Goods

started a topic over 2 years ago

Please can DEAR request the mandatory Expiry Date field AFTER pick not before?

We use DEAR Assemblies to manufacture hampers. We commence an Assembly and allocate stock without picking.

This then makes an allocated qty figure to all the components that go into the hamper. We then use this for backordering, as it identifies all the 'minus qty' stock.

However in order for us to go past the draft stage to allocation, it requests an expiry date.

We don't know what the expiry date of the FG as we haven't even bought the components yet.

This is a clear bug, and should be pushed one step to be mandatory after the pick stage, before the completion button is pushed, in which case it should auto add this to the closest expiring component. Much the same as DEAR picks the earlies expiring components when making the assembly at the pick stage.

Can this be implemented ASAP?

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