Support chat widget in POS & WMS to contact DEAR Support quickly

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Would you like to have the Support chat widget intergraded on POS & WMS ?

Icon like this on the bottom right corner.

Upon clicking the above icon; within POS & WMS you will be able to chat with DEAR Support to request for support, escalate problems, query about certain functionality. 

Please up vote or comment if you think its needed. 

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  • HI Rodney I think its a great idea, especially if the support received via the chat is within expected web chat times, I.e. 30-60 seconds if support team is online. Are you only planning it on the POS & WMS apps? Is it possible for the main Dear browser-based module as well? That would be super!
  • While I like this idea, I would like to be able to turn it off, otherwise I'm going to have 23 staff constantly pestering Dear Support for small things they possibly can't help with and/or aren't really a priority.

    An option for Admins Only, and and option for completely disable.

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  • Yes, please.

  • I agree with Braydan on this, I think it would be better to internalise your ticketing system in order to filter out false cases... 



  • Definitely would be amazing. - agree that Admins only “or selfies users “ otherwise every dear user will be asking questions all day long.
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11 people like this idea
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