StarShipIT Integration - Push Email To API (EASY)

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StarShipIT offers tracking notifications which is important automation. Currently, Dear only pushes the mobile number to StarShipIT. This isn't useful becuase most B2B cusomers use landlines and have multiple depatments.

Solution: The addition of the "Shipping Contact Email" into the "Destination address" API envelope that is sent to StarShipIT at the time of generating a label, will enable email notifications to be handled StarShipIT.

(Currenlty they is no email information sent to the StarShipIT API)

This should be an easy addition to an already working integration.


  • This feature is currently implemented, however the feature was blocked by an invalid input in the Product Dimension fields.

    Please update Integration documentation to advise that Product Dimensions should ONLY be descrete numbers, so no decimal place is allowed.

    The incorrect Product Dimension inputs caused the StarShipIT and Shippit Integrations to both fail to pass the shipping order correctly (or at all) via the API to the Logistics Software.

    Easy Fix:

    14.6 (cm) = Correct

    15 (cm) = Incorrect


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