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We are thinking if migrating from Vend to Dear pos as everyone hates Vend. It is for our single till retail location. Does anyone have any thoughts including comments on usability of Dear pos and how it compares to Vend in day to day operation please? Thank you.
  • In core functionality, it's a game of pros and cons. Dear's POS is pretty good now and it is clearly a focus for Dear so it is seeing a good rate of development. A year ago I personally would have been much more cautious than now. But I still haven't seen it in use anywhere really busy. 

    Already it has some features that Vend can''t match, such as management of stock transfers and (soon) using a retail store to fulfil orders taken on another channel, such as Shopify. 

    Vend has an add-on ecosystem though, so people extend Vend to get good loyalty schemes etc, which Dear can't match very well (potentially). You should make an inventory of any add-ons in use and then you will have to decide. Also, you should make sure your printer(s) and scanner(s) work, etc. 

  • Thanks, Tim.  Much appreciated.  We don't use any add ons in Vend so that's not an issue for us.  We use it simply as a front end for Dear.  Hardware is certainly something to bear in mind although I see that Dear have broadened it out a bit recently.  Thanks again.  

  • Hello Michael,

    If you would like use to explain to you about the functionality available in DEAR POS please book a call with us 

    We would be more than happy to help you. 


    DEAR Team

  • Migrating customer and inventory data can be a pain if you don’t do it right. You need to plan out how you’re going to transfer information from one system to the next. Are you going to enter the data manually or will you be importing it in bulk? Speaking of which, what is the import and export process for the two systems?

    Also, note that your new system may have different data fields from your old one. For example, some solutions have the field “Barcode number” while for others, the same field may be called “SKU #.” Be sure to format the data or files correctly before importing them into your new system.

    To be safe, test the data migration process for a few products or customers first. Jurlique, an Australian cosmetics retailer, did just that when they switched to a new retail management system.

    According to Chris Balogi, the company’s Director of Global Information Technology, before transferring all their information, they tested the process to determine the format and amount of time it took to migrate their data.



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