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When printing a stocktake, the purpose would be to print and use the print to write down quantities and then come back and update Dear.  The issue is that they are sorted differently in the PDF than in the actual Stocktake.  So it's a mess of fishing for items.  If you are going to have a feature, just put a little thought into the purpose of how it will be used, and you'll avoid creating a feature that actually creates more work.

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  • please explain the process in more details with examples if possible. E.g. you can export data to excel and sort in the way  you want and after filling excel load it back to DEAR. More info please. 

    You may want to use our WMS app to perform stocktake, so no PDF will be required.


    DEAR Team

  • the WMS app is only for Android.  We are all Iphone.

    The main issue is that once you start the stocktake, there is an option to print the PDF.  Simply put, this would be the most useful if the items in the PDF were in the exact order as the actual stocktake.  The PDF was printed and given to our warehouse people.  Then we took the PDF and entered it into the stocktake.  The issue is that it wasn't possible to simply go down the list because the sorting didn't match.  Items on the first page on the PDF where on the last page of the stocktake.

  • The stocktake PDF print doesn't maintain the order of the DEAR entry screen nor is there anyway of forcing it to stay in the same order.

    I had to recently explain to the owner of a large audit company, the workflows we use with DEAR. When we came to stocktakes it was impossible to explain why such a simple requirement doesn't work. On such a thorough software package, it's completely illogical to have the facility to print a count sheet to PDF but then when you try to enter your counts you have to hunt for each SKU one by one.

    It's absolute opposite of what is required of a good workflow for stocktake purposes. This issue needs to be fixed

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2 people like this idea
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