Modernise email system

Many people have already posted on issues with email handling. Some over 3 years old. Can be summarised as:

1) Issues with knowing if email has bounced

2) Issues with emails going to spam

3) Confusion from customers receiving email from 'non-standard' address

4) Lack of ability to automatically use email archiving for sent email

At a minimum I'd expect DEAR to be implementing DKIM to reduce the possibility of our email going to SPAM. The ability to track deliver-ability - particularly on invoices would be second. Also mark Xero/Quickbooks as having been sent in their API so you can use their reminders.

However - we really should be thinking modern API's for cloud businesses. Both Google and Microsoft have modern APIs for their email system's which would allow DEAR to leverage the customers system to send email that would leverage the customers email system.

Offering this as an option would completely eliminate issues with spam, customer confusion and email archiving. 

Please consider this...

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