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Many people have already posted on issues with email handling. Some over 3 years old. Can be summarised as:

1) Issues with knowing if email has bounced

2) Issues with emails going to spam

3) Confusion from customers receiving email from 'non-standard' address

4) Lack of ability to automatically use email archiving for sent email

At a minimum I'd expect DEAR to be implementing DKIM to reduce the possibility of our email going to SPAM. The ability to track deliver-ability - particularly on invoices would be second. Also mark Xero/Quickbooks as having been sent in their API so you can use their reminders.

However - we really should be thinking modern API's for cloud businesses. Both Google and Microsoft have modern APIs for their email system's which would allow DEAR to leverage the customers system to send email that would leverage the customers email system.

Offering this as an option would completely eliminate issues with spam, customer confusion and email archiving. 

Please consider this...

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  • Is this a coming feature DEAR? 

    Every few months I run into a customer or vendor that doesn't get our emails from DEAR and I have to email them outside of DEAR which makes our desire to have all invoices sent from DEAR unworkable. The simple option would be to just allow emails to be sent from our own SMTP server.

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  • I'd love an update from the DEAR team about this! We're having all of the same challenges. 

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  • This is (again) an obvious feature DEAR needs significant work on.  Businesses need reliable, branded communications. 

    We are achieving branded emails using the API, however DEAR records are not completely reliable and often change in unexpected ways (e.g. document records change even when there is no actual change to the resulting document) so it's error prone and we're sending more emails than we need to because of this, which can confuse customers.  But we simply shouldn't have to write and maintain this code as options to use reliable transactional email systems (mailgun etc) and modern templates should be built in.

    If doing things within DEAR, then one must note that DEAR's entire email and document template system is unfathomably bad as well.  In the modern world, there are countless better templating systems that the utterly ancient Office based mail merge rubbish. 

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  • We often have invoices etc go to customers spam for some reason. I think It also looks more professional and legitimate when it comes from our domain

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  • I would love to see deliverability of DEAR generated emails increase. Mail Relays, proper DNS records, whatever it takes.

  • I agree. This is sorely needed. SPF and DKIM values for our DNS records please.

    This is an old post, please can you confirm if it currently under consideration.

  • As an alternative to the previous comment a means of integrating external email platforms such as Office 365 / Exchange Online etc. into Dear would be even better. That way we could assign an email address to Dear from our own email system and have full control over email deliverability.

  • Yes office 365 would be very nice as well. they did G Suite already, why not Microsoft's productivity suite?

  • Just about every Quote, Invoice or Purchase Order we send is treated as spam on the other end. Can someone from DEAR Support please reply to this thread and provide an update or suggestion on how to fix this issue????

  • DEAR support answer to my request about mailer-daemon emails: ""We can try to inform our technical team about your request, however, there's no guarantee that they will implement it, as the updates or improvements or addition of new features are based on demand or popularity of request, so it is still best for you to post this suggestion or request in our forum, so you and other users can vote."

    The email option out of DEAR is great and saves a lot of time but these common email issues should be addressed to as a basic when offering email services.

    Situations we have more than once now: when supplier email addresses might be out of date, etc. we don't know that PO wasn't received. But without bounce back emails we wait too long till we figure out that our parts are not arriving in time.

    As well as customer never receive our quotes because we got a little mix up when communicating their email address. And again, we never know about that. 

    Not sure how we are supposed to 'vote' for new features. Feedback would be much appreciated DEAR.

    many thanks

  • If you click 'Like' at the bottom of the page that is some for of vote

  • Please implement an email alert/notification for incorrect email addresses.

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