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Logs record for Customer File

It would be great to see a logs record on a customer file much like the "logs & attributes" record/tab on an invoice. 

I want to see logs of changes made to the customer file itself, some examples of what I'd like to see are below, all logs to include time stamp (when) and by who.

*Customer file created

*Changes to Payment Term

*Changes to Sales Price Tier

*Changes to Credit Limit

*Changes to default Contacts

*Changes to Addresses

*Changes to Status

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  • overall the audit record for anything except SO and PO is very weak in DEAR. i agree this should be an objective

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  • I like what I'm seeing in the customer file activity logs, thank you for implementing.

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  • I've noticed there's no log created when a contact is deleted, can this be included also please?

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  • Great to see some of these logs have been implemented.. we've already used it so many times to trace errors etc..
  • Yes finding it very helpful so far, would also be good to see the contact name included in the activity field, 

    eg: Contact Include In Email has been updated from "False" to "True".

                            -    This doesn't tell me which contact was included

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  • We seem to be getting less info on these logs now, just a note saying Contact has been updated with no details. Why is that? Screenshot attached.

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