Layout + SELECTED OPTIONS in the notification module (Just the layout is missing the purpose)

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Just suscribed to the notification module to get automated report. However I can't get what I need.

That would be great that we could save LAYOUT + SELECTED OPTIONS so that we re-use it to email.

At the moment you can select a layout but everything you checked is not taken into account and therefor the use of that function is missing it's purpose.

What are the chances that it could be implemented soon?

Yes, the user could get it by excel and manually work on the file to finally get what's needed but as I stated, it miss the purpose of the automated report. It's then the same amount of work to have someone going in the layout, select all the options and email it. 

If you need multiple report daily, weekly, monthly and you can save LAYOUT + SELECTIONS then it worth the extra $USD 50.00, if not, then it doesn't worth it.

Let me know what you think...



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  • this is already possible - but easy to miss. see below

    do not use checked options. instead :


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  • DEAR may want to mark this "implemented"

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  • Awesome Kurt thank you for your help that perfectly worked!

    Cheers :-)

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2 people like this idea
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