Pack Size functionality in Products

In addition to Reorder Qtys, and Min Before Reorder levels, we really need Pack Size functionality.

Reorder Qtys really relate to MOQs (min order qtys) in the Purchasing process, not in the Sales process.

Whereas Pack Sizes are used in the Sales process, etc.

I'm sure there'd be many other wholesale businesses who stock products that come in Inner cartons & Outer cartons, but these may not necessarily reflect the Reorder Qtys.

E.g the MOQ of an item might be 100, but the Pack Sizes are 10.

So when ordering from your supplier the min qty is 100, and PO's must be placed in multiples of 100. But when selling to customers you can sell in qtys of 10.

Pack Sizes could be utilised as follows:

  • Enforceable/Suggested Qty* during the sales process - both the normal SO module and in B2B portal
  • Enforceable/Suggested Qty* during Stock Transfers / Warehouse Replenishment
  • Deals & Discounts - create deals associated with Pack Sizes (I know this can be done now by entering the pack size manually, but it would be great to be able to create them simply e.g. Discount = 5% off Pack Size)
  • Show on the B2B Portal in Product details/Specifications view
  • PO Stock Receiving and Stocktake, so you can count stock items in pack sizes (and it automatically converts it in individual unit qtys)
  • ... please add your ideas!

*Enforceable could have at least 3 levels:

  • Enforced - Order Qtys MUST be multiples of Pack Sizes
  • Suggested - during the SO process, when entering a qty which is not a multiple of the Pack Size, pop-up suggests to order in the Pack Size, but is not enforced. Alternatively, the current drop-down list could show the Pack Size alongside Stock Availability
  • Off - not in use

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Glad of further ideas for functionality

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  • Definitely a must!

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  • Great idea Dan - you can take all the cake my friend - I'm just glad to see this is in planned status! :-) :-) Woohoo - I'm taking the rest of the week off. When this is done all DEAR user's lives will be complete.

    To confirm, you say: "PO Stock Receiving and Stocktake, so you can count stock items in pack sizes (and it automatically converts it in individual unit qtys)" - This is true for using the re-order products/backordered products functionality in DEAR - so when in the reorder screen, the 'reorder' button is hit, a PO is created, but instead of having an order for 'SKUsingle' x 5,000 it will say 'SKUcase' x 50 (as there are 100 singles in a case, so DEAR will convert the singles into cases and the PO will show this as such. 

    Thereafter when looking at product availability, it should say 'SKUsingle' qty 'on order' = 5,000 AND 'SKUcase' qty 'on order' 50 (as they are the same product essentially, not duplicated).

    Then when receiving stock in, you can then scan a case, it matches the PO, auto-disassembly puts them back into singles.

    Awesome - love it.

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  • I also assume that each Supplier would have what unit of measure they accept/what you normaly buy from them in. In our scenario, we buy products by the case from a certain supplier, but another supplier stock the same products by the box (smaller qty than a case, same product just different unit of measure). Therefore when selecting supplier, it would convert those singles into cases or boxes deopending on the supplier.

  • Hi All,

    This can be easily addressed via the "additional units of measure" feature which was introduced for this purpose. 

    - First define an additional unit with a quantity such as "Product X Pack of 10" etc. for a product. (Eg: Wine Pack of 10)

    - Next define it's price and other properties including pack weight and the rest. 

    It will then auto-assemble on sale, and will be available on all sales channels and it will essentially enforce selling of whole packs if you sell this product. 

    Hope this helps.


    DEAR Support Team

  • Thanks Heshan,

    Is there a correlation between the unit price and the price of outer pack qty?

    If not it could be quite clunky to manage i'm thinking..

    But yet to give it a try

  • @ DEAR Support, I notice that you have planned work relating to this ticket. Can you please let us know, if you are going to address the below issue, as part of this. 

    Ability to enter Qty based price breaks for each supplier. 

    When wholesalers buy stock for resale, they would have different price breaks from suppliers. 

    I have a open request for this feature. If you are going to tackle it as part of the planned work, Im happy for you to combine the tickets.


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