Allocating variable landed costs without having to do a stock adjustment

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Hi Guys

We have an import business and we bring in 40 foot containers.The different items we bring each have their own customs duty some are dutiable and some aren't .We have to be able to lodge the specific customs duty to a specific item otherwise we wont be reflecting a fair average cost.Currently DEAR does does not offer the solution to be able to add separate additional costs per line item.This is is a major headache for us as we now have to do a work around and bring the stock in through stock adjustments which opens up a whole bunch of other issues and possibilities of making mistakes.I must be honest I am really disappointed in this as I am sure I am not the only person battling with this.

We switched over from Sage one which offer a simple and effective manner where you can change the additional costs per item individually.Screen shot below.

Please can you urgently give this attention and see if you can implement this as this will offer major value to us where currently I am considering moving away from DEAR due to the lack of this offering and the headaches it is creating.Screen shot below where you can see I can manually adjust individual line items additonal costs(freight, duty etc.)


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  • This feature will take Dear to another level and make it a serious player going forward in the increasingly sophisticated cloud inventory platform ecosystem. Having to MANUALLY adjust stock in using a Purchase Clearing account (Dear's current suggested method of dealing with variable landed cost allocations across SKUS in a Purchase Order) opens up a plethora of auditing and tracking issues.

    This feels like the last major hurdle in completing the current developments that Dear has done related to landed costs. Two excellent developments completed by the Dear dev team recently, have been:


    (1) the ability to add an expense (such as a total freight bill) EQUALLY across all SKUs in the supplier Purchase Order. This was an excellent move.

    (2) to add a freight cost to SKU existing cost prices on Dear during a stock transfer, by using the Manual Journals feature.

    Allowing simple MANUAL addition of landed cost values per SKU line in a Purchase Order within Dear (in the way Sage 1 has done in the screenshot above) is the solution.

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  • The Landed Cost Expense Distribution across multiple invoices has been great as well as the addition of Manual Journal entries in Stock Transfers to account for freight costs.  However, there is more work to be done to fully support adding costs to stock in DEAR and this request is an important one. 


    There are other landed cost feature requests that I would like to add, too, including the ability to add cost to existing stock, for example, for the warehousing cost of a stock over time.  Using a stock adjustment to revalue stock can work, but definitely not optimal IMHO. 

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  • We import beer so for best accuracy, we need to allocate cost by volume (e.g. liter). Alcohol are also dutiable so we need to assign different duties to each product's landed cost. 

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that we have deployed the release for this requested feature of allocating variable landed costs without having to do stock adjustments. Please find the updated KB article with the functionality here (The updates are specified in the "Allocate Landed Costs to a Purchase using a Manual Journal" section in this article): 

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

  • Hi Team ... seems this is planned ... do you have a rough ETA for this one ? thanks

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