Clone Assembly

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It would be very helpful for some businesses to be able to clone an assembly.  The system would keep the following the same when cloning:

  • Location
  • SKU / Product Name
  • Bin
  • Work In Progress Account
  • Finished Goods Account
  • Quantity
  • Work in Progress Date
  • Completion Date
  • BOM
An example of where this would be useful is when an assembly is not captured as a BOM, or customized from a BOM, and there is a need to do that same sort of customized assembly. 

Another example of where this would be useful is when a business is creating serialized products, one after the next, where they want to manually enter the serial number as opposed to DEAR auto-generating the serial number.


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  • Would be great to include cloning of Production Orders as well.  I know they are different, but worth mentioning here, just in case they could be done at the same time.

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6 people like this idea
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