Add the Notes field to the Sale Order Details Report and Purchase Order reports

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Please add the Notes field as a column for the Sale Order Details Report and Purchase Order Details Report.  

The Notes field is part of the Sale Order Summary Report, but not the Sale Order Details Report, Purchase Order Details Report, or Purchase Order Summary Report. Does not make sense. 樂

I understand it is possible to use Additional Attribute instead of the Notes field to enter information, such that the Sale additional attribute will be available to reports, however, I would still like to see the Notes field available to the reports.  The Notes field is different because (1) it is upfront and much more prominent as a part of the Sale and Purchase header, while the Additional Attributes are hidden under a tab, and (2) because the Notes field is multi-line while Additional Attributes are a single line.

Please consider adding this. Thanks!!

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  • I have two clients today who are both looking for this, Notes column on Sale Order Details Report.

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  • Yeeeeeees!!

    Currently it's only possible to get Order Notes on a Sales Overview Report and nothing else. Is it possible to request this field to be added to some of other Sales Detail Reports? I know that it might be more complex because multiple lines would all have the same notes (i.e. same order) but there are many customer cases where we want to see the lines on an order, for replenishment, but also need the customer notes to see what they have asked for specifically.

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  • 1. 'Comment' field to all purchase/sale details reports

    2. Sale/Purchase Note from document header will be added to all Sale/Purchase reports. We need to limit the content of data we can include in the report  (e.g. up to 1000 chars ) from the note field as currently we see users keep 1Mb of data in the note field.

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8 people like this idea
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