Consolidate Xero Invoice (and COGS) Exports by Sales Channel

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Unfortunately there is no current option in DEAR to consolidate the invoices for an Ecommerce Sales Channel (e.g. Magento, Shopify) before it goes to Xero.

DEAR did deploy the "CONSOLIDATE SALES ON EXPORT" in the DEAR Integration, but it is for ALL orders which is problematic especially for B2B customers and reporting on the debtor balances for Accounts Receivable in Xero.

Obviously DEAR users still need the ability to manage the Pick, Pack and Ship process for each individual order that comes down from the Ecommerce Sales Channel.

The ideal solution would be for DEAR to consolidate invoices (say every day, week, or month) into one generic invoice and credit note per Ecommerce Sales Channel integration before it sends to Xero.  The customer in Xero could be called e.g. "Shopify Online Sales Customer".

The process would be similar to that implemented by TradeGecko at

We also feel it may make bank reconciliation process easier too, as the payment gateways often send through one consolidated bank deposit for the day, which could easily be matched.

This request is similar to that requested in

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4 people like this idea
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