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We are currently in the process of setting up a new website with Woo and StarshipIT to obtain shipping rates on checkout. 

We have setup the Woo - Dear integration and most things sync like product name, details, images and stock level but the dimensions and weight do not!

In the Woo integration tutorial provided by dear it mentions that Product dimensions and weight should sync using the mapping chart but I have had no success.

Seeing as the dimensions and weights of goods are very important for obtaining accurate shipping quotes I thought that the Woo integration would have included this? 

It would be great to see this feature added at some point.

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  • Dimensions & weight definitely sync.

    We've just recently set up Woo and both of those have come through just perfect.

    Maybe your web/integrations partner needs to get more info from Dear Support?

  • Oh really? I’ve put in a support ticket with Dear and they told me it wasn’t supported yet and directed me to the forum to request the feature. Honestly I’m very disappointed with the support imfrom Dear in general.. they always just brush me to the side and never really help. Thanks for your reply, Daniel. I will be investigating this further with my Integration adviser.
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