Explicit authorisation on PO receive

started a topic over 2 years ago

I recently came up with a misunderstanding in which the receive checkboxes were ticked but the actual receipt was not authorised. Turns out that inventory will show as received. If you don't need to authorise an actual receipt - then that authorise button should be changed to mark completed or something.

Please guys make it explicit in its behaviour. 

  • what you are asking will not work . DEAR does this to account for partial receipts. 

    Your problem is specific to human error. Specifically, simple purchases. If you want to avoid this, train your staff to only do advanced purchases.

  • I understand what you are saying. In order to accomodate partial receipts in a simple PO you had to bypass the authorization step and trigger the accounting and inventory entries if any checkbox on receive was ticked as a workaround.

    So can I ask, what is the actual impact of pressing authorize in a receive step in a simple purchase order?

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