Additional Attributes on Availability Screen

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The ability to select/view the product attribute fields to the Product Availability Screen.

Currently the sales team have to search and flick between the Products Screen (to view the 10 Custom Attribute fields and the Product Availability Screen to view which are then available. 

Being able to view products available and the attributes of each product at the same time with one view.

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  • Bumping this, should be an easy thing for the team to implement.

  • It would be really beneficial for our work place.  Having the product's attributes on the same view as the availability screen would save a lot of time flicking between the two screens!  Hopefully can be implemented soon!

  • Totally agree, the team often search for product availability but then if a customer asks 'what do you have in stock from XX Year, or XX Colour we can't see this here (we use attributes for this).

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5 people like this idea
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