Magento Product Synchronisation

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It would be great if you get the option to select which price in magento you would like to link. 

Specially most business that want to implement an inventory system would have eCommerce site created and the the growth is the whole reason for introducing the inventory system. 

So their websites could use any of the following fields for price -  Price/ Your Price/MSRP. 

It would be great at the integration stage if you are given the option to select the price field from above. 

It would make the eCommerce site and inventory is upto date all the time and less intervention as you would either use Magento or  DEAR to update pricing. 

  • Minal - Are you suggesting mapping the price tier on a product-by-product basis, as opposed to one price tier for the whole DEAR-Magento integration?

  • No still have a price tier mapping. But allow the option to select the price tier in Magento. 

    Instead of mapping it "Price" all the time. 

    We have a customer who uses Price as the "RRP" but they use the your price field to show the marked down price. They always use the marked down price as the selling price and "Price" or RRP is just an indicator to the customer to show the saving. 

    Now when we integrate with DEAR and download the catalog from Magento it defaults to the "Price" which is just and indicative field for them. If we have flexibility to choose a tier from Magento where we want to download the prices it would make life really easy for everyone. 

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