First impressions on usability and potential enhancements

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I feel it is when you first use an application and come from other systems that the gaps and benefits of a system are most evident. 

Here are a couple of pros:

1) pretty simple flow with lot's of graphics and pretty easy to pickup

2) relatively uncluttered user interface and ability to focus on the current stage of a sale or purchase.

There are a couple of glaring omissions however:

1) easy navigation from a sales order and purchase order to related aspects of the system. Why can't you just click on a customer to bring up the customer screen, a product to show the product. Having to click on the menu, search and then click is very inefficient. 

SAP B1 has little drill down widgets with popup information

Business Central has context sensitive side panes with additional information

NetSuite has hyperlinks (worst of the bunch)

This is really table stakes for efficient navigation. 

2) availability information is surfaced on the product itself, or you can drill down from the product to the filtered availability view. In fact, since the whole point of the product is inventory management, maybe create a persistent link in the header that pops in an overlay and allows you to do get a view. 

Maybe make that the start of an intelligent search.

3) formule fields in general. The ability to add if statements and calculations in your document templates is a significant advantage of a few of your competitors. Simple custom fields on line items that can derive values from other fields in real time would allow the solution to be more flexible for some of your industries. 

4) reporting is really showing its age compared with all the other solutions. functionality is there but it is difficult to read and navigate. It is really grating moving from Xero to DEAR and back again. The contrast is not flattering. Maybe even a more compact report screen and the ability to search for a report?

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3 people like this idea
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