Jobs Module Suggestions

started a topic about 2 years ago

Need to get the following suggestions off my chest for Jobs Module, which is overdue an overhaul.

  • Ability to create a new quote from within the Project is great, but you can only create a Service Quote/Invoice - need to be able to create an invoice with Product Lines (that would then allocate the COGS when shipped, against the Job)
  • If you only raise service invoices for Jobs, and have done a quote, the quote feature in Jobs has some value. But only if you only need to raise one invoice. If you want to raise a part/progress invoice, and then another part/progress invoice, and have them in the same sale task (similar to advanced sale), you can't. This ability would be nice.
  • Ability to create a job and simply link Sale & Purchase Invoices directly to it would be great - we could then raise Simple or Advanced Sales with Products, and link them to a Job/Milestone so that reporting can be done at Project level - with full income & cogs/expense capability, ensuring the COGS on all sale invoices is reported, as well as any Service Purchases items (Contractors, Labour, Freight, etc)
  • Ability to create a deposit invoice against a job without needing to have/link an expense task

The Ideal workflow as I see it would be to be able to, from within a Job: 

1) Create a Quote (with Products, or Services, or a mix of both) 

2) Convert Quote to Order
3) Create Invoice/s

4) Create Fulfillment/s

Theoretically you could have more than one sale task inside a job, and they could be advanced sale tasks, containing products etc. 

The other part of the workflow would be to add Purchase tasks to cover off on Service Purchase, and Purchase Orders for the items for the Project.

How the Jobs Module works now is so clunky and limiting.

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