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Any suggestion on how to creat Headings when creating a Quote? Please see photo

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  • Hello Mohammad Alhusaini,

    Where you able to sort our the problem your facing ?

    Please your still having a problem please send a mail to DEAR Support Team would be more than happy to help you.


    The DEAR Support Team

  • Hi Rodney, I rcvd the following solution from DEAR support I think it is an acceptable temporary solution.
  • What was the solution to this. I have very large quote and ofter Dear mixes up my quote. It would be nice to put each set of products under a heading so me and the customer can find parts easily.

  • Hi Liam, I apologize, the previous link is for a support ticket that I only can access. I will coppy and paste the solution that was suggested by DEAR support below. “Hi Mohammad Alhusaini, Thank you for contacting DEAR Support. I am using a scenario where user want to print Machine Name/Model as heading row in print while machine's part to print under the Machine Name/Model to explain on how to have a heading in printed document There are two options to achieve your required design by user. Option A: Use comment field for Machine Type & Model and use option A template attached to print such Quote as per pdf print attached. User need to upload this template to your account and test. Option B: This option is a little tricky and need User need to follow these steps.a. Create New Product item for every Machine Type & Model, make sure to use Product Code & Product Name same other wise it will not work i.e. Product Code ABC Machine model 2018 , Product Name ABC Machine model 2018 (Note no difference in both field values including spacing) in attached sample PDF & Screen Shot I have used ABC Machine model 2018 & XYZ Machine model 2017 b. Use this new created product to add a product line item on SO when preparing Sale Order and keep items arranged by the Machine Type & Model i.e. if user is adding ABC Machine model 2018, add it as 1st item, then add items related to Machine#1 under this and then add XYZ Machine model 2017 as next item & add items related to XYZ Machine model 2017 under this like screen cap below and use price as 0 for these both machine lines (not item lines)image.png c. update your sale document sorting setting by navigating to settings > General Settings and then under Sale process customisation section select option Sorted by screen order (make sure to keep sorting order on screen as you want to print it on document when adding item and dont apply any sorting to screen after doing so other wise, everything will mix up) d. use option B template to print Quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. Sincerely, The DEAR Support Team”
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1 person has this question
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