Default Quantity 1 Not 0 in Quote/Sales Order

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Since minimum quantity required for the Quote line item is 1 or more, then why the current default value for quantity is 0? Please change default quantity to 1 instead of 0.

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  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

  • Please make this a setting that can be toggled on or off. "Default Qty to 1"... By leaving it at zero, it causes my staff to verify quantities when putting together an order. However, I can see the annoyance this causes but I like it as it ensures order accuracy. 

  • Default Qty 1 and allow 0 Qty is fine.
  • Default Qty 1 is ok but allow 0 Qty at quotation stage only.
  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has now been developed and available in Production.

    A new setting named 'Default Quantity for new line' is now introduced under the 'Sale Process Customization' section in General Settings to facilitate this feature.

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

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1 person likes this idea
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