Substitute an out of stock part in an auto assembled bill of materials at order stage

We have bill of materials that are auto assembled when we authorize an order. We quite often have one small part that is out of stock that we want to substitute for another like part. This stops us being able to authorize an order/invoice. Other systems i have used had a very basic feature that enables you to open the bill of materials in the order and edit it just for the opened order.

This small feature would allow us to substitute parts in the bill of material for the one order without having to change the original BOM. It would ensure our stock levels are accurate and really speed up the process of authorizing orders and invoices.

Thanks team.


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  • Thanks for your suggestions. Could you please provide the names of other systems that support this feature. We need to understand how this should work with our current workflow


  • It just needs to be between Order and pick tab. It should show any auto assembled kits in tree view so that you can substitute before authorizing order.

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