Low Stock Report Behavior

started a topic about 5 years ago

Hi, we have recently noticed that the Low Stock report only includes products BELOW their reorder point not AT their reorder point.

Obviously this can be solved by increasing the number by one but other parts of DEAR use the opposite behavior where they DO include products AT their reorder point.

Would it be possible to have universal behaviour in how Dear treats reorder points in respect to currently available stock.

Or have a report available which shows low stock INCLUDING inventory which has reached its reorder point but not yet falen one bellow. 

  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

  • Could this be a setting instead? We'd like to reorder product that has fallen BELOW the minimum level. 

    Similarly, we could reduce the minimum reorder level by one, but conceptually that would be confusing.  

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