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Having a field or option to enter the contact details for shipping. At the moment I can only put the shipping address and the billing address but the person who receives all shipments is different than the billing. It could be as simple as adding another checkbox for this option in the contacts field in the customers' details.

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  • Yes, we use the address line 2 now as contact person. Would be better to have an extra field. 

  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add the above to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    We will add text area 'Shipping Notes' where you can place any relevant shipping info. The content will be available in all shipping related templates as mail merge field 

    The DEAR Team

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  • Great! 

    Question. Will this be an additional field? Or the same field as Address Line 2?

    As we have started to use Address Line 2 as our contact and phone number field for shipping and billing addresses. 

  • No hope Dear doesn't sacrifice Address Line 2 for a Shipping Contact field... I'm guessing it will be a Type column with drop down options similar to the Customer Address data?



    If so, it would be good to have more 'Type' options than the 3 currently in Addresses (Business, Shipping, Billing). Maybe include: Sales, Manager, Purchasing Officer, Accounts Payable etc...

    Then set up the contact types to be included in relevant Document emails by default, i.e. Invoices would always go to the Billing Contact, Delivery Dockets to Shipping, etc.

    And I guess this functionality needs to be replicated in the Suppliers module too! 

    @Sven van Rooijen, once Dear have implemented Shipping contact type functionality, a simple export to Excel, reformat your contact data from Address Line 2 and reimport as Contacts would fix this data...

  • Does this mean that we'll have to add this in manually for every order or is this something that will be added to the customer's profile? Ideally, it should just be an additional field in either the 'Addresses' or 'Contacts' section in their profile. Eg: Check the 'Shipping contact' box in the Contacts section or add a 'Name/Phone/Email' in the 'Addresses' section. 

    Any chance the following could also be included in this update?

    - Being able to send automatic 'shipped' notifications to the shipping contact (for sales orders) without having to add them to a mailing list? I was hoping this would link to the above once implemented. It just makes sense.

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  • Hi All,

    We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented and released the above suggested feature and you can find further details on the same from the following release note.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.


    The DEAR Team

  • Hello,

    Does this feature allow us to set up a default 'ship to contact' that includes a phone number and email address that is populated automatically when creating a new sales order?

    I was hoping to have the ability to do that when the feature was implemented. The shipping notes is handy in some situations but the shipping contact will usually always be the same person for one company. Phone number and email field would also be handy so the courier can check it if required.

  • We require a shipping contact phone number in the sales header for 3PLs/couriers to have the information via the API. Currently we can access shipping contact and address with notes, but no phone number. Shopify can have a different shipping contact and as such we needs this in Dear.

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