Magento 2 Responsive E-Mail Template Extension By FME

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Achieve mobile-responsiveness for the 41 Magento default Email Templates for better display and presentation using Magento 2 email templates. Select any of the 3 themes for beautifying transactional emails. You can choose Blue Lagoon, White and Red tux, or Orange Peak. You can provide social media links to include your business profiles in the email content for maximum exposure. In Magento email templates mobile responsive themes further improve the readability of your e mail.


Key Features

  • Free lifetime support and lifetime upgrades 
  • Turn the conventional email templates to mobile-responsive ones 
  • Add a charm to transaction emails with the help of captivating themes 
  • Maximize social media exposure by adding social links to the email content 
  • The cool and eye-appeasing themes make it easier to differentiate between various email messages

More Details and Demo - Magento email Templates By FME





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