Couriers Tracking Link for Couriers not available in Shopify

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Hello Everybody,

First time poster. 

I spoke with support, which are awesome by the way, always quickly responsive when they are available. 

In shopify, you can fulfill an order by inputing the tracking number and choosing a courier from their drop down menu. We are based in Australia and shopify doesn't have all of our couriers available yet. So we choose Other, and then manually input the tracking link in the open URL field that Shopify then provides. 

DEAR does not have that option yet to manually input the tracking link. It would be great if DEAR could add this function. So that when a customer receives the automated tracking email (sent from shopify), it can also still include the Link for tracking it. 

It is a very convenient feature for customers and sellers alike. 

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  • I meant not available in DEAR. It IS available in shopify. Can I edit the title?

  • Was this ever resolved?

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5 people like this idea
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