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Please allow more than four decimal places in the master settings within DEAR.  We work with many suppliers who work to five and occasionally six decimal places.  This means many of our purchase orders do not match supplier invoicing, which causes issues when syncing to Xero.

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  • Sounds Reasonable and easy to do. 

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  • Yes I agree more decimal places will help greatly.  Invoicing can be out by quite a few pounds when having to price up and down which then causes issues with the accounting department. Two more decimal places would save so much extra work.  Got call Collette.  

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  • Have  a request for 6 decimal points from Singapore client as they work with Japanese yen and it is a must to have 6 decimal points on invoice/currency rate  as per government regulations. 

  • We purchase through numerous currencies and we're finding we need at least 6 decimal places to accurately record purchase order totals. Can something be done here?
  • I have the same problem. Supplier has 5 decimal places. Dear only seems to go to 4. Can this be upped?

    Also, in the meantime, does anyone have any workarounds for how to get the prices to match in Dear? 

  • yes, we also have the same problem. 

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12 people like this idea
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