Service Item Pricing in Simple Sale

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So, it has come to my attention that the sale price brought up for a service item in Simple Sale could be compromised by having multiple service items with the same Product Name.

In my example, we have a SKU CODI which has the same name (exactly) as a SKU CODIP. The sale price is different for these items.

When raising a Simple Sale, if I select CODI, it was giving me the price for CODIP, presumably because Simple Sale Additional Charges section references the Product Name, not the SKU when looking up and adding the sale price into the line, hence causing confusion and the system to revert the price of the other item (somehow).

This appears to be a bug or a flaw, because I am sure many companies use the same product name but separate SKUs for many service items.

Here I am requesting that Simple Sale additional charges section references the SKU of a product to look up its sale price, and not the Product Name (even as I am writing this it seems ridiculous that the system has this issue!)

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2 people like this idea
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