Tracking Supplier Out of Stocks - Supply by Dates

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When a supplier receives a DEAR Purchase Order and Responds with an “out of stock” notice until “such date” – we require a place to record this in DEAR – currently we are keeping a separate hand written record of this. 

Supply availability can be mixed dates across one PO - so you may have to split the PO - alternatively  each product line on the PO could default to one expected expected received date - then you could amend the date on certain product lines as necessary.  

This would be stored against the product record and accessible by the API which could then send a "Due In Date" to the POS / Website.


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  • Yes definitely need this one!

    I think one way of solving it within the current Dear functionality is that within the Advanced Purchase module you can create multiple supply fulfillments with different "Required By/ETA" dates

    Is that possible @DEAR?

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4 people like this idea
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