Alpha Filter/Sort when entering Order SKU

started a topic over 2 years ago

Here's the example...  Let's say you have dozens of SKU's with correlating information within the SKU:







As you can see 'R-6-BLK' is common in all of them.  When creating an order and we enter 'R-6-BLK' in the SKU field we can get a list with dozens of items and it is very time consuming to enter orders this way.

It would be very helpful if the system slowly removed options alphabetically...  so when you enter 'R-' it only shows items starting with 'R-'.  And as you enter more information the system filters options down to the one item with that SKU.


  • I guess it really comes down to the convention you use to look up SKUs, but I don't really think it's a good idea sorry.. as it would greatly limit the searchability of products... especially as the search isnt currently limited to SKU, it also searches Product Name & Barcode

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