ShipStation Sync Options

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Prior to DEAR, our systems synced ALL orders to ShipStation, regardless of whether or not there was an address attached. This was very helpful since we gather some of our sales from a program that grabs the address on the initial sale, but doesn't on an upsell (and both original sale and upsell are processed as separate orders.) These orders end up in Shopify and were then synced to ShipStation. 

For now, we are syncing all our basic retail orders from Shopify into ShipStation, instead of syncing from DEAR to ShipStation. This is fine, however...

We also need a way to sync wholesale or manual orders from DEAR to ShipStation as they come in, rather than syncing everything and ending up with dups of our retail orders that we need to sort out in ShipStation.

Ultimately, it would be nice if we had the ability to choose to sync:

- ALL orders

- ONLY orders with addresses

Note: Our POS orders were never synced, so I'm sure there is a way to stop those from syncing with ShipStation as well.

  • Note: We didn't mind all orders being synced to ShipStation as the original sale and upsell orders could then be combined in ShipStation.

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