Add American Express as payment option for DEAR subscriptions

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There are many businesses in the United States that use American Express for business purchases.  Please consider adding American Express as a payment option for DEAR subscriptions.  As of this writing, only VISA and Mastercard are accepted to pay for a DEAR subscription.  Thanks!

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  • Right you are;  and the subscription payment system is a complete joke.  I was willing to charge the subscription to my personal MC just to get it through; tried 3 different MC (including my wife's !! ) and got errors every time.  Ended up having to make a wire transfer to their bank in UAE.  Collectively multiple people probably spent at least 3 hours on a task that should have taken 3 minutes.  I am deeply disappointed in the company.  

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  • Please add American Express as a payment option, at least for businesses in the USA.  Many businesses use it and it is a hassle for them to use another one.

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2 people like this idea
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