DEAR POS Customer Search options

started a topic almost 3 years ago

Currently searching for customers with common names in DEAR POS is significantly difficult as searches are conducted on all sections of a record. This is returning any result that matches any word in the search terms. 

For example searching for John Smith returns:

* All Customers with First Name John

* All Customers with Last Name Smith

* All Customers with Last Name that contains John ie Johnston, Johnson

* All Customers with Last Name that contains Smith ie Smithson, Rose-Smith

* All Customers whose address contains Smith ie Smith St, 

* All Customers whose address contains John ie Johnson St, St John's Park

etc. Sorted alphabetically by the customers first name.

This makes for a prohibitively large list to search through to locate a customer for day-to-day operations. Currently there is no 'Relevance' sorting to make results with multiple matches reach higher on the list, no filtering by multiple matches to only include results that have all search terms and no ability to search for exact phrases - the standard is wrapping the search terms in quotation marks ("), which currently searches for the quotation marks in the search.

Any of these options would drastically improve the usability of the search functionality in DEAR POS for all of our clients.

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