Not allowing fulfilment if COD Invoice has balance owing.

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It would be great if DEAR had a functionality where for instance an order could not be fulfilled, for example a pick or pack could not be authorised if there was still an amount owing on an COD/Proforma invoice. 

This would avoid our despatch team sending the goods out prior to receiving payment.

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  • I think Dear might be working on a stop credit feature at the moment which might partly assist with your request, but definitely agree with some other functionality to stop orders which require prepayment from being processed for fulfilment by Warehouse team. In the meantime a possible workaround is that the Sales Order is left in draft status (or not even created if the sale has a Quote) until payment has been made, and in your internal processes you note that orders aren't ready for processing until the SO has been authorised. For invoicing of prepaid sales, we've just learnt you can generate an invoice from the Quote , just create an Invoice template as a Sales Quote doc. Not sure if that helps :)
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2 people like this idea
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