Clone PO for Drop Ship

started a topic over 5 years ago

We need to be able to Clone PO (and keep PO number) for our drop ship purchase orders.

The manufacturers / suppliers we use to drop ship will dispatch to our customers as the products are ready, often multiple shipments.  Each time they ship, they invoice us separately so we have multiple invoices per drop ship order.

Currently we have to raise the first invoice in Dear, removing the unfulfilled products so that we can make payments. When the other invoices come in we have raise these directly in Xero, this means they are not assigned to original PO.

This is messy, can easily cause mistakes and makes reporting in Dear useless.

Surely it is possible to be able to adapt the Clone PO feature to make a duplicate PO for items not invoiced?

  • Clone PO for drop shipped orders is available. Button Clone appears after invoice authorisation when invoice quantity is less than quantity on PO. 

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