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It would be great to able to apply a contact 'type' to Contacts within Customers & Suppliers, e.g for Billing, Shipping, Sales, Purchasing etc, just like you can for Addresses.

At the moment you can only select/de-select contact to be 'default' or 'included in emails'.

So for a Customer, you might have a contact who is the Purchasing Officer but doesn't manage Accounts Payable. When you set the Purchasing Officer as the default contact so they receive Sales Order confirmations, now they will also be the default contact for Invoices (and Statements if synced with Xero).

This is quite frustrating and cumbersome, and doesn't give a great customer experience.

Here's some Contact types I can think of off the top of my head that would be useful (without it performing the job of a CRM :)   )

  • Billing 
  • Shipping / Warehouse
  • Purchasing (Customers)
  • Sales Rep (Suppliers)
  • Returns
  • Manager

Other industries may also require additional types.. any suggestions - please add them in reply!

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  • This would be extremely helpful!!!

    The key feature for me would be to select which email type or types a contact receives.

    Ideally it would be a multi-select box so I can define which emails (if any) each contact receives.

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  • Hi Adam, sorry I should've made it clearer but this is definitely the main point of this feature request - which contact gets which email 'type' I.e. Purchasing, Accounts, Sales, Admin, etc Your suggestion about a multi-select option is really great, so that 1 contact may receive various email 'types'
  • Daniel, you were clear :)
    I'm just adding my voice to your request.

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  • Great, thanks Adam - the more the better 

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6 people like this idea
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