Stock Transfer update June 2018

started a topic almost 3 years ago

Since the update to 'Stock Transfer' we are now only able to select 'main warehouse' in the ‘from’ section, so everything we have is listed in our warehouse comes up for transfer... before I could put, for example, ‘bin-2-e’ and only the products that I had in there would come up to move to the new location. Now we have to make sure we have all the variants that we are moving or we will end up with mistakes. I cannot see how this update has improved the system other than moving multiple bin locations at the same time IF you are moving all to the same new bin location.

Also, this then now, when you look at the list of transfers, only shows that you have transferred items from Main Warehouse to the new bin location.

I would request that you still have the option to select the exact bin location in the 'From' section to speed up the process again.


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