Option to include the On-Order count as a part of the Availability Count calculation

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For some businesses, having the option to include the on-order count as a part of the availability count for the B2B Portal and eCommerce integrations would be very useful, especially for businesses working in the direction of just-in-time manufacturing/production and purchasing.

The masterstroke on this would be to have a checkbox in the General Settings to "Include On Order Counts as a part of Availability".   

As it stands now: 

Availability = Stock On Hand minus Allocated

With this option enabled, it would change the calculation to: 

Availability = Stock On Hand plus On-Order minus Allocated

A control on this could include things like "with Delivery Date / Production Date less than" ____ "days from today"

Instead of, or in addition to, the General Setting approach, there could be a setting for this for each sale channel.  This would allow for flexibility of whether to include On-Order counts on a sale-channel-by-sale-channel basis.


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2 people like this idea
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