Auto Expiry Date allocation in Assembly/Production

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Use first-expiring dates on your components to auto-create an expiry date for that assembly. (this can be manually overridden if required).

Currently a new assembly requests an expiry date before you can proceed. Then you have to manually enter to match the same as the components by working it out manually.

Naturally you wouldn't have just any random expiry date, but rather the first expiring date of the components in that assembly. Therefore this should be automatic.


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  • Can the expiry date be at the 'pick & allocate' stage - not at the beginning.

    Currently we add a random date, allocate stock, see what the component dates are, then go back and add the date, then proceed.

    Surely it would take the date of the first expiring component at the pick stage and suggest this? Again it can be manually overridden.

    Otherwise we have to choose a date when we start the assembly before picking - I've got no idea what the date is unless I see the components (but it forces me to choose a date before I see the component dates) Then I have to go back and change this.

    Can you see how the expiry date is requested at the wrong stage of the assembly?

  • DEAR - Any more info on changing the order fo the expiry date to the end of the pick stage please?

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2 people like this idea
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