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Stocktake Process Improvement Suggestions:

1) The ZeroSOH Export should not just give you the option of either a blank template, or All Items. It should also give you an option to ONLY export items that are in the database with a 0 On Hand quantity. At this stage, no one from DEAR support has been able to tell me how to generate any report that just shows items with 0 on hand quantity.

2) The ZeroSOH Export template should use the same terminology as the Non-ZeroSOH (eg. in the column headers)

3) Where possible, Non-Zero and Zero SOH templates should be identical. I can understand not requiring a Unit Cost column in the Non-Zero, but if we want to create one count sheet with all products and their current QOH on it, it requires more work than just creating a stocktake and exporting the sheet.

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  • I completely agree, Nick! There needs to be a more user-friendly method of doing a full stock take of all items in a given category, regardless of their stock level. If we're accepting that there could be variance in the system and that we need to do a stock take, surely we would want to go count everything - including all zero and non-zero SOH? I've been told by support to copy unit costs from one report, and merge it with SOH from another report before uploading to the zero SOH section - this would be a nightmare for staff to implement and could go horribly wrong

    Please see my feature request post regarding this

    I'm curious, how have you managed to work around this?

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